About Us

About Dr. Bansal Homeopathy

Dr. Bansal Homeopathy is a joint collaboration between Canadian and Indian doctors. Our team of doctors are focused solely on treating allergies and have developed custom remedies to cure many common allergies. These remedies have proven to be very safe, akin to over-the-counter medication. Dr. Bansal has successfully cured many patients suffering from these various Allergies. We are constantly working towards developing more treatments to cure more allergies. All of our remedies have been carefully prepared and tested on patients and now we have made it available to patients world wide. If you are suffering from any specific allergy and would like us to help you then let us know.

What We Do?

Lot of people suffer from severe allergies which keep them from enjoying life. Allergies cannot be cured with, Histamine, Claritin or other medicines. Frustrated due to the lack of treatment for allergies we started looking for a cure and Dr. Bansal Homeopathy was born.

It’s all about quality of life. Allergies not only impacts a person but also affect many people around them. Allergies drastically reduces the quality of life of a person and their family. No one should live under the constant threat of an allergic reaction especially parents of young kids.

Temporary relief over a lifetime can cost hundreds of dollars. We can cure your allergy for lot less, so give us a chance.